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Geopark News

  • 4th General Meeting of Cabox Aspiring Geopark Held at MUN's Grenfell Campus

    Cabox Nov 2016 IMG 4909esOn November 28, the 4th general meeting of Cabox Aspiring Geopark was held at the Atrium of Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland in Corner Brook. In addition to updates on the past year's developments and a preview of next year's Canada 150/Cook 250 celebration, Grenfell History Professor Olaf Janzen gave a presentation on James Cook in Newfoundland. The meeting began with a presentation on the geology of Eastern Canada and Western Newfoundland by Alana Hinchey, Senior Geologist with the Newfoundland and Labrador Geological Survey, partner in the EU Interreg funded Drifting Apart project.

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  • Work Continues on Base Camp at Back Cove, North Arm, Bay of Islands

    Back Cove October 2016 IMG 4250esDuring the spring, summer and fall of 2016, work continued on the IATNL hiking base camp at Back Cove on the north shore of North Arm, Bay of Islands.  The two storey camp is well positioned to serve as the start or finish for a 2-3 day trek across the North Arm Hills to or from Trout River Pond in Gros Morne National Park and will serve as an intersecting point for the north and south halves of the planned Cabox Geopark. Restoration began June 4-6, when the IATNL's Paul Wylezol, Arne Helgeland, Kevin Noseworthy and Caroline Swan were joined by Go Western's Executive Director Mark Lamswood.

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  • Cabox Aspiring Geopark Chairperson Presents at UK's Captain Cook Museums

    Cook 250 Museums Sept 2016 IMG 0130esOn September 16 & 17, IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol was in England visiting the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby and Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in Marton.  While there he gave a presentation on the 250th Anniversary of James Cook completing his surveys in Eastern Canada, most noteably in Newfoundland.   In the coming years, James Cook 250 will a unique opportunity for the IAT and partner UK National Trails to promote their natural and cultural heritage across the North Atlantic and South Pacific. The visit began where else? ... checking into the Endeavour pub and accommodations in Whitby.

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  • Cabox Aspiring Geopark Attends 7th International UNESCO Geoparks Conference

    Geopark Conference Sept 2016 IMG 2963e5sOn September 27-30, IATNL / Cabox Aspiring Geopark Chairperson Paul Wylezol attended the 7th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks at Torquay, England, where he learned more about the UNESCO Global Geopark programme and gave a presentation on next year's 250th Anniversary of James Cook completing his surveys of Western Newfoundland and Eastern Canada. The conference began with an icebreaker reception at Torre Abbey's Spanish Barn, which held 397 prisoners from Spanish Armada ships wrecked off the coast of southern England in 1588.

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  • UK Earth Heritage Magazine Features IAT and Cabox Aspiring Geopark in Spring 2016 Issue

    Earth Heritage Magazine Spring 2016The Spring 2016 Issue of Earth Heritage Magazine features their first story on the IAT and Cabox Aspiring Geopark.  The magazine, which is produced by Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural Resources Wales and the Geologists' Association, is published twice yearly to stimulate interest in geodiversity and a broad range of geological and landscape conservation issues within the UK and elsewhere.  Check out Cabox Aspiring Geopark in the 45th issue.

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  • Cabox Joins EU Interreg VB Northern Periphery 'Drifting Apart' Project

    Drfiting Apart Partner MapIn October 2014, Cabox Aspiring Geopark joined the European Union's Interreg VB Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme's Drifting Apart project. The goal is to "unearth and strengthen the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the fascinating and interconnected geological heritage of the Northern Periphery and Arctic region, and its many links to natural, built and cultural heritage. It will support the development of new and Aspiring Global Geoparks, promote innovative products and services for economic prosperity ... and continue to build a strong network of Northern Periphery Global Geoparks."

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